Explore ancient Macchu Picchu, Sail on the glistening waters of Lake Titicaca, fly over geoglyphs in the mighty Nazca desert & fish for piranha in the Amazon. This is one destination where you wont be short of things to do.

  • Arequipa


    Arequipa, Peru’s “White City,” enchants with its colonial architecture, snow-capped volcanoes, and rich cultural heritage. Explore its charming historic center, indulge in exquisite cuisine, and discover the beauty around you.

  • Ballestas Islands

    Ballestas Islands

    The Ballestas Islands, Peru’s mini Galapagos, teem with diverse wildlife. Embark on a thrilling boat tour to witness playful sea lions, soaring seabirds, and encounter the enigmatic Candelabra geoglyph etched into the sandy cliffs.

  • Colca Canyon

    Colca Canyon

    Colca Canyon, Peru’s awe-inspiring natural wonder, unveils dramatic landscapes and soaring condors. Hike through rugged terrain, soak in hot springs, and marvel at the world’s second-deepest canyon in all its breathtaking glory.

  • Cusco


    Cusco, the ancient heart of Peru, reveals a blend of Incan heritage and colonial charm. Explore its cobbled streets, visit awe-inspiring ruins, and embrace the vibrant atmosphere of this enchanting high-altitude city.

  • Huacachina


    Huacachina, an oasis in Peru’s desert, offers a surreal escape. Explore towering sand dunes, experience adrenaline-pumping sandboarding, and witness stunning sunsets over the serene lagoon, creating a picture-perfect desert adventure.

  • Lake Titicaca

    Lake Titicaca

    Lake Titicaca, the shimmering jewel of the Andes, captivates with its ethereal beauty and cultural significance. Explore floating islands, encounter indigenous communities, and immerse yourself in the mythical allure of South America’s largest lake.

  • Lima


    Lima, Peru’s vibrant capital, entices with its fusion of history, culture, and gastronomy. Explore its colonial architecture, lively markets, and indulge in a culinary journey that celebrates the country’s diverse flavors.

  • Machu Picchu

    Machu Picchu

    Machu Picchu, the majestic Wonder of the World, enthralls with its mystical allure. Nestled amidst rugged Andean peaks, this ancient Incan marvel unveils a breathtaking panorama, history, and a profound sense of awe.

  • Nazca


    The Nazca Lines, a mysterious wonder etched into the desert of Peru, bewilder with colossal geoglyphs. These ancient figures and lines, visible only from the sky, continue to fascinate and perplex researchers and visitors alike.

  • Sacred Valley

    Sacred Valley

    The Sacred Valley in Peru is a captivating tapestry of ancient ruins, vibrant markets, and breathtaking landscapes. Immerse in Incan history, trek through picturesque valleys, and encounter indigenous cultures amidst stunning natural beauty.

Browse through our suggested itineraries for inspiration. These are just a starting point for your plans – remember that all our itineraries are tailor-made to your specifications.

Planning your trip

Quick country facts

  • Recommended airlines
    Avianca via Bogota, Iberia via Madrid, British Airways direct to Lima at certain times of the year.
  • Flight time
    Around 15-17 hours with an indirect flight.
  • Time zone
    GMT -5
  • Visa requirements
    No visa required for 90 day stay (UK passport)

Getting There
Most flights will land either into Lima or Cusco, with Lima being the preferred and easiest airport to fly in and out of.

Getting Around

Overland is usually a good way to travel throughout Peru, especially further down South. A flight between Lima and Cusco is common to speed up the travel time.

Accommodation Costs
Accommodation varies widely throughout Peru. If attending one of the trails to Machu Picchu, expect tent accommodation, with boutique hotels common throughout the rest of Peru, and more luxurious hotels in cities like Lima and Cusco.

How Long to Stay
We really recommend the shortest period of time to spend in Peru is a week with 2 weeks being the preferred to be able to see a lot more. It’s really well combined with other South American countries, Ecuador and the Galapagos or Bolivia are really lovely additions to an epic trip to Peru.

Weather and When To Go
Generally speaking Peru is great for the majority of the year with the best time being the dry season between May and September. January to March is very wet, with even the Inca Trail being shut in February for yearly maintenance. October marks the end of the dry season but still some beautiful weather and with a little rain brings more vibrancy to the landscape.

Lima and Cusco both stay relatively dry all year round due to the altitude the cities sit at. The more rural spots like the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Iquitos and the Colca Canyon are more likely to see rainfall.

We really suggest travelling during the best season from May to September, great for families travelling as the Summer Holidays would be ideal, and even the Easter Holidays and October Half term would be good too. For those wanting to miss the crowds or wanting to travel without kids then May/June and September/October would be ideal times to travel.

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    Peru is an incredible destination with so much to offer. Expect lots of walking to historic Inca sights, tasting wonderful Peruvian foods, meeting friendly locals, visiting vibrant markets and reveling in the beautiful landscape.


    While impressions are still fresh for me, I want to say how much I enjoyed the [tour]. It took me to all sorts of places I would not easily have got to otherwise. I am left with many rich experiences to draw on for a while to come. Laurie

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