Fitness advice for Ancient Ethiopia

We have graded the fitness level required for participation in this tour as Moderate.  We shall be at altitude for the majority of this tour (Addis Ababa is at 2,500 metres and we shall ascend to approximately 3600 metres at the highest point, whilst staying in the Simien Mountains) so some people may experience altitude sickness as this can start at 2,500. This is quite a full itinerary, with some long days and a reasonable amount of travelling by road requiring multiple hotel stays.

Whilst sightseeing we may be on the go for several hours at one time, in some places without the guarantee of somewhere to stop and rest. It is important that everyone is able to keep up with the group as we need to keep together on walks. At Lalibela, there are quite a lot of stairs down to access the churches which are in pits. For these reasons we feel this tour is unsuitable for the frail, for those with a history of heart disease, lung disease or sickle cell disease (due to the altitude) or for anyone who routinely uses a walking frame or wheelchair. If unsure, please check with us.

We know that age is not always a reliable indicator of fitness, but prospective participants over the age of 80 will be given a letter to be signed by their GP to say they are fit enough to undertake this tour.