Fitness advice for Costa Rica

We have graded the fitness level required for participation in this tour as Moderate. There is quite a lot of walking (no uphill hiking) in the tour, on jungle trails and in rain-forest conditions which can be a little wet and slippery. The pace will be slow enough to spot wildlife but will continue steadily for several hours in some cases, and there may not be anywhere to rest or sit down regularly.

It is important that everyone is able to keep up with the group as the guides will be looking for flora and fauna to point out to you throughout and the group must stay together.

Due to the nature of the terrain in some of the parks we don’t feel that this tour is suitable for anyone who uses a cane or frame to help with walking at home. Hiking poles for those accustomed to taking longer walks are of course fine, and could be useful on the jungle trails. If unsure whether this tour is suitable for you, please check with us.

We know that age is not always a reliable indicator of fitness, but prospective participants over the age of 80 will be given a letter to be signed by their GP to say they are fit enough to undertake this tour.